Story: I pull up one, and then another and another. I don’t stop. They are fat and full and ready after nine months underground, after zero care, after all that’s happened elsewhere. And I realize yet again — right then, right there — that I don’t need to worry so much about two pounds per square foot per year and all the other calculations I used to do to maximize my garden yields. All I need is enough, and there is enough. There is always, somehow, enough.

Tip: Check a planting calendar to see when garlic is best planted near you. For me, it’s November 1. Mark it on your calendar now (you will forget). When it’s time, buy an organic garlic bulb and separate the cloves. Plant each clove pointing side up about an inch deep. Then, as we say in my native New York, fuggedaboutit. When the leaves (if that’s what you call them) start to die (for me, it takes nine months), start pulling them up. Let them “cure” for a couple of dry days (lay flat on a screen outdoors or dangle from a chain link fence) and then store somewhere dry and moderate in temperature (I usually leave them in my garage).

Recipe: Garlic “Butter”: Slice off the roots and the top of the garlic bulb just a bit. Wrap in foil and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour. Open and let cool a little bit. Squeeze the garlic bulb and a soft paste will emerge. Spread this vegan garlic butter on Mama Bread (recipe in my book).

For more stories, tips, and recipes, buy my book on Amazon, available in all global markets in both print and digital forms (instantly-downloadable to all devices). I’m an indie author and your support is greatly appreciated. As always, 10% of all proceeds helps to grow food for those in need.



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