Tea for free

Story: So I stand there at Starbucks or wherever (I spend far too much time in coffee shops nowadays, as my life has changed in odd ways lately) and watch as people order herbal teas and pay several bucks for a little cup of it. It makes me cringe, since I know that all it takes is tossing a handful of fresh herbs into a pot of water, boiling for a bit, and there you have it. So darn simple. And organic to boot, which it usually isn’t in these places. I don’t say a word, because, frankly, there I am on line for a cookie or something which I could easily make at home. But I am not at home, so I don’t beat myself up, and I don’t judge others. I just cringe . . .

Tip: Make the tea at home and then carry it with you in a thermos or something for during the day. Take your work break in a pretty public greenspace rather than in Starbucks. Don’t know any near you? Take a walk one day –you’ll be surprised what you find.

Recipe: My favorite summer tea is peppermint and lemongrass. I cut a big handful of each from my garden, rinse, put in a big pot, fill about hallway, and bring to a boil just for about two minutes or so.  Then, let the tea steep for 10 minutes or so more. You can drink this hot, refrigerate and serve iced, and even use as the water when making rice.

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