Building success

Story: I saw a post on Twitter about a first harvest from a garden being grown by employees of the company building the new Falcons Stadium in Atlanta (technically called Mercedes Benz Stadium, supposedly going to be the “greenest” professional stadium in the nation). The garden is directly across from the stadium, in fact, in the construction trailer village. I asked if I could visit, and then rode my bike there. There are about 10 raised beds and much good is happening. But the soil is lacking. With some minor changes, they could be building success more easily. This actually matters because food grown here will be used by a workforce development culinary class later in the summer. I hate to butt in (husband laughs maniacally right about now) but I hate even more to think I could have helped and didn’t.

Tip: I sent the person with whom I met the Georgia Organics planting calendar (see if there is a calendar like this available where you live) plus the suggestion that she add three large bags of organic soil and 25 pounds of organic fertilizer to each bed. I also sent her this very simple year-at-a-glance gardening advice for metro-Atlanta gardeners that I created years ago for those who might be new to organic gardening. You may find it helpful, too.

Recipe: I make a very simple pizza dough that serves as a terrific base for all kinds of garden veggies and herbs throughout the year, but especially in summer. It also allows for a great deal of experimentation, so it’s a great fit for people who like to tinker and create in the kitchen. You know, wannabe-chefs. That recipe as well as one for pesto are both in my book. To make the pizza vegan, leave out the cheese and blend canned white beans with your sauce to boost the protein. To make the pesto vegan, substitute nutritional yeast for the parmesan. Thats it, folks. Not that hard.

For more stories, tips, and recipes, buy my book on Amazon, available in all global markets in both print and digital forms (instantly-downloadable to all devices). I’m an indie author and your support is greatly appreciated. As always, 10% of all proceeds helps to grow food for those in need.




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