Just Start, and Grow from There

Ten years ago, a young mom named Rebecca dropped out of the sky and asked if it was possible to start a community garden. She roped my friend Bob and me into it, the stone-in-the-pond ripple effect grew exponentially to include tons of other people, and magic happened. Bob is now dead (trust me — the guy’s got all of Heaven growing food by now), Rebecca lives elsewhere (and she’s now Dr. Rebecca Clough), and the actual day of the 10th anniversary was about to come and go with no notice at all.

So I said I’d be there with a sheet cake alone in the pavilion by the woods if anyone wanted to come. Worst case scenario, I’m a happy introvert alone with a fork and a sheet cake! Best case scenario, people come.

Spoiler alert: People came.

After they left, Rebecca and I walked the previously unloved land, now bursting with bounty in ways we imagined and ways we didn’t. And we stood and we posed for my camera balanced on an old demonstration “mailbox garden.” And we hugged and we left as a deer walked by. (Bob, perhaps? Who knows.)

And that was that.

The final story in my book, Food for My Daughters, is about the opening of that garden, if anyone has any interest. There’s lots of other info in there you may find helpful or funny or whatever it is you may need in order to grow in the direction of your dreams.  Here are some videos and articles that may also help.

Bottom line: Just start, and grow from there. You may be astounded by what happens next. You may even meet some of the best friends of your life.



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