Vegan Cheesy Grits Casserole

So each chapter of my book, Food for My Daughters, ends with a recipe. All of these are vegetarian-friendly, as I became vegetarian (more than 12 years ago — easiest thing I ever did) during the writing of the book. My girls became vegetarians a year after me.

See Food for My Daughters

Since then, they have both become vegan. They live elsewhere now and are coming home for our big holiday, which is Thanksgiving. I’ve been able to “veganize” most of our old favorites but I hadn’t yet succeeded at the beloved Cheesy Grits Casserole — until yesterday. I believe I nailed it.

I substituted almond milk for cow milk, chia and water for egg, vegan butter for dairy butter, and homemade cashew cream for dairy cheese. It baked all bubbly and tasted like pillows of heaven. Most of it is in the freezer now, awaiting their return. As am I.

If interested in other recipes from Food for My Daughters that I veganized, see Vegan Lemon Balm and Pistachio Pesto and Vegan Pizza with Cashew Cream, Thai Basil Pesto, and Figs. It’s not that hard, folks. Don’t freak out when the vegans come to visit.

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