You Say Potatoes, I Say Thank You

Nine years ago today my friend David secured a simple 40-pound box of potatoes from Whole Foods in Sandy Springs, GA, USA to plant in Malachi’s Storehouse food pantry garden (after having been involved in creating it).

He realized that the store had healthy food that was going to waste, developed a relationship, and kept going back once a week. Before long, he was rescuing 500 pounds of healthy, high-quality food every Wednesday for the food pantry. That looked like this (photo below of David and his typical weekly 500 pounds of rescued fruits and vegetables). We used to call it bringing home the wooly mammoth when his car (and eventually van) arrived:

500 pounds of rescued fruits and vegetables looks like this

That went on for awhile, but David realized that food was being wasted every day, and that something more needed to be done. This became his passion (and get on board with, or get out of the way of, a person with a passion).

For the next eight years, the nonprofit and team he developed at a nonprofit organization he created and named Helping Feed Atlanta rescued three times that amount almost every single day to provide healthy food for those in need at half a dozen or more nonprofits around Metro Atlanta. They continue to do so daily. That’s tons and tons of fresh fruits and vegetables every single week. It’s the weight of hundreds of elephants every single year.

And they continue. Despite no budget, broken vans, and a global pandemic.

Thank you, Helping Feed Atlanta, all the participating locations of Whole Foods and Costco (whose corporate policy nationwide David changed, by the way), and all the people at the nonprofits who work so tirelessly day in and day out to assure this food ends up on someone’s table.

If you are so moved, you can find out more about Helping Feed Atlanta, including how to donate, here.

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