It Nags at Me UPDATED

photo from this post from 2009

Something nice is happening tonight at my local city council meeting. I am grateful, and surprised. However, so much more is still possible, and it nags at me. I have come nowhere close to my stated goals from 2009 (see my 2020 Vision here). Others have stepped up to achieve additional bold objectives. But there is still much work to do close to home and around the world.

I hope the mention of sustainability tonight results in additional support for those currently serving on the Sustainability Committee, and invites more people into the conversation. The need was urgent in 2009. It’s more urgent now.

For what it’s worth, here are my Citizen Expectations for City Leaders in a Changing World (written more than 10 years ago). It applies to city, state, and country leaders:

Update: See Lovely and Unexpected

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