My Friend Rod

Photo taken August 24, 2022

My friend Rod . . . (I will finish this post when it is time to finish it. Which is soon.)

You can read the article he is holding here:

Here is an album of photos I’ve taken of Rod. Following are a series of blog posts I wrote about him, mostly when he was recovering from hip surgery a few years ago and I interviewed him for several hours a week. Plus, there’s a video filled with advice. I have many additional notes that I have not yet turned into finished articles (or maybe even a children’s book of organic growing tips A to Z) to share more of Rod’s extensive knowledge and recommendations.

Rod is one of the most brilliant people I have ever met. It has been one of the greatest honors of my life to be his friend.

The world must hear, and heed, Rod Pittman’s lived and learned expertise. Starting with you, with me, today. With one seed . . . and then another.

Will They Know About This Man?

Hair of the Dog (this is mostly about John Herron, whom Rod mentored)

Hell in a Hand Basket, and a Bucket of Hope

Hands at Work

Immune to Attackers

To Be Sure His Voice Is Heard

An Optimistic Man

“I’m seeing more meadowlarks, which is a warm-climate bird,” he continued. “I even found thorny orange trees growing along the creek, and I’m guessing birds dropped those seeds. Commercial growers in Florida graft their citrus trees onto thorny orange, so the fact that these thorny orange trees are thriving here makes me think we could probably grow Meyer lemons now. I also think I’ll try mangoes outside, too. They’re pretty hardy, and they did well in the greenhouse. As for drought, I’m experimenting with strategies that have been proven to reduce water use up to 70% in sub-Saharan Africa.” — Rod Pittman

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  1. Eleanor Herron says:

    I very much appreciate this brief recap of a marvelous man. I once had the great delight of racing after him and arriving breathlessly (for me) at some fascinating discovery, followed by another. then another. He gave me the distinct impression of having no concept of the word “finished.”


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