Featured in an article about passion people in O: The Oprah Magazine (November 2010 issue), Pattie Baker has since helped create or rejuvenate numerous organic gardens to serve diverse populations. These have included metro-Atlanta’s largest community garden and largest on-site food pantry garden; numerous school gardens including at the only school for refugee children in the United States; two prominent arts center gardens, a garden at a transitional home for families, and a home garden in suburbia that yielded an average of $2500 worth of fresh, organically-grown food each year.

Pattie is a professional writer and photographer who published a blog with over a million page views named Foodshed Planet. Her feature articles about organic farming, gardening and sustainability have been published in Urban Farm Magazine, Chickens Magazine, Edible Atlanta Magazine, and on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution website. She was a monthly columnist for New Life Journal Magazine and a significant contributor to Daron “Farmer D” Joffe’s award-winning book, Citizen Farmer. In addition to Food for My Daughters, she has published other books (also available globally on Amazon and elsewhere).

Building on a robust corporate communications and feature-writing career in NYC and Atlanta, Pattie does the majority of her hands-on research via bike and is a League of American Bicyclists’ Licensed Cycling Instructor (#5382). She worked as a Bike Ambassador with the City of Decatur, GA (a bronze-level Bike Friendly Community), offered one-on-one coaching to women wanting to get back on their bikes, and conducted bike accessibility audits of municipalities and bikeshare systems. Additionally, she provided pro bono services to various Atlanta-based nonprofit organizations. She blogs here and as well as at Traveling at the Speed of Bike. She is currently preparing to leave for Peace Corps Uganda.

Pattie used to think she grew a garden. She learned over time that the garden grew her. You can follow Pattie on Instagram @pattiebakerstorymaker and Twitter @PattieBaker.

You can contact Pattie here.