“Maybe Something Will Come of It”

“Maybe something will come of it,” I’ve often thought, or people close to me have said, over all these years when I’ve published this article or that book, or served in one paid or pro bono job or another, or had the opportunity to tour cork forests and factories, or even been included in an article about people with passion in O: The Oprah Magazine*. 

And now I’m waiting to hear news about that something, that directly-related next big step. I’ve pursued an honorable and competitive opportunity that has been on my bucket list, feels like a calling, and makes sense for my family’s goals long-term. I’m several steps down the road on it already, and I feel nervous and vulnerable and excited. Mostly, I trust the journey, and this is where it has naturally brought me, even if it’s not what other people might have in mind for success as a woman and a wife and a mother.

It may or may not happen. I will know by September 1st the latest. No matter what, the process-to-date has already changed me, and the way forward will now be different.

UPDATE: I didn’t get it.

* article pictured above by Tom Oder for the Patch.com


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