If you have found Food for My Daughters as a result of the following post today on FoodShed Planet, welcome back to my life. It has been a minute, hasn’t it?! (Five years, actually. Today.) Missed you.

Petrichor. That sweet smell of fresh rain on dry soil. That feeling of something right in the world, an alchemy that fixes everything. I miss that. I want that back. Those days of FoodShed Planet, started back in 2006 before social media, back when everything still felt possible, back when thousands of us would connect here every day. Still believing we could change the world, like rain on soil.

I lost this blog domain years ago when I missed a deadline to renew it. Sorry. I’ve been blogging at Food for My Daughters and Traveling at the Speed of Bike ever since. Here’s my Linktree, if interested, with lots of other new stuff happening. I’m on TikTok at SpeedOfBike. I’d love to connect with you again.

I’m about to head out across the USA. On a bike. With a duck. I don’t know what I’m looking for. I don’t know what I’ll find. Perhaps it’s all full circle. Perhaps the sweet smell of petrichor, of nourishing rain on parched soil, is possible again. Perhaps that is all I want.


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